Learn how to be healthier, live longer, and optimize your performance. 


Client Review

Having personally sought Dr. Handley's
professional counsel, I had come to experience his grasp of comprehension and transformational leadership that had inspired me to achieve my own professional goals as a clinician and as an aspiring healthcare leader. 



Dr. Paul C.

Deputy Director

L.A. County Dept of Public Health


Client Review

When it comes to leadership and career navigation, I've gained a great deal of wisdom and personal insights from Rich -- insights that have brought clarity to my vision of how I'd like to continue honing my path as a surgeon.  




Dr. Nargiz S.


Harvard Medical School Alum


Client Review

What impresses me most about Dr. Handley is his incredible ability to draw upon his vast experiences across a wide variety of professions including medicine, executive leadership, academia, transformational coaching, and filmmaking to reflect on a challenging situation for transparent advice and best guidance. This has helped me advance my career as a physician leader. 

Dr. Hasan A.

Physician Executive

Harvard Medical School Alum


Client Review

Our annual revenues went from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million in just one year. This has allowed us to open up two additional locations, operate in two states with several clients across the country. Rich challenged me to push harder and showed me how to make it fun. 

Dr. Chris O.


Stanford Medical School Alum


From humble roots to a 20-year career in medicine and Executive leadership, Rich understands the enormous challenges leaders face. It begins with self-mastery, which is an infinite game. As a Harvard-trained operational leader, Veteran U.S. Naval MSC Officer, and serial entrepreneur, he focuses on the applied science of leadership, change management, and root cause analyses while optimizing health and longevity. 

For well over a decade, his primary focus has been on improving healthcare operations, quality, and patient safety. From this experience and framework, he coaches and educates senior leaders toward maximum personal and professional impact.

Empty-nesters, he and his wife live in Valencia, California, with their four-legged fur human, India (who specializes in long naps and gourmet). Rich is also an accomplished filmmaker, having written and produced films acquired by Lionsgate and Sony Entertainment. 


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Failing Up Podcast

A masterclass in personal and professional optimization, Harvard-trained operational leader, clinician, longevity expert, filmmaker, and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Rich goes deep with some of the most influential and brightest minds in longevity, fitness, nutrition, leadership, tech, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and spirituality. Intimate, authentic, and challenging, these conversations exist to stir emotion, inspire, educate, and empower you to "fail up" toward authentic self-mastery and purpose. We challenge you to tune in, buckle up, and FAIL UP!

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